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With vicis huddle you can be the first to know about product releases, development advancements, and other vicis news. Vicis made a helmet that flexes upon impact to help prevent head injuries. The nfl ranks this state. Art helmet as the safest in football. Luxury leather remote control holder by vicis trading shop the largest selection of home furniture and d├ęcor across all styles and.
The company was formerly known as spark medical, inc. And changed its name to vicis, inc. And is based in seattle, washington. Sinclair digital ventures. Techcrunch startups vicis has closed its series b on. 5 million, with participation from nfl quarterback aaron rodgers via rx3 ventures.
Vicis is designing new football helmet technology that is showing an unprecedented reduction in the forces likely to cause a concussion. Vicis has developed a new football helmet called the zero1, which ranked. Nflpa helmet performance testing. The zero1 launched this season to nfl, ncaa, and select high school programs. 22 top worldwide universities granted u. Utility patents the national academy of inventors. And the intellectual property owners association. For now, vicis is focused on nfl and ncaa teams, but it also plans to provide youth leagues with its helmet within the next two years.
The price of the helmets runs a wide range. For its helmet, while xenith lists the price of its varsity helmets at. Ups make the cnbc disruptor 50 list every year. S a look at those posturing for an ipo. And those biding their time. Vicis has since addressed those issues and the helmet will be used on the field next season. S a much different and much better helmet than it was last year, marver said.