Kh Riku X Reader Lemon

A riku x reader twoshot. Idek just a bunch of kh x reader one shots lmao. Ok so ive been playing alot of kingdom hearts and i decided to do a kh x reader. Riku x reader, a riku x reader twoshot. Riku replica x namine. So here we have post number one for shadowpastels, our shiny new replica.
My eyes scanned the room, it was hard to see anything. But from what i did see,. I low, somewhat seductive tone whispered in my ear. Ve been friends with riku since childhood and since then you also loved him. You love everything about him. Browse through and read thousands of riku reader stories and books. Sora x reader x riku. Shots written to songs with kh pairings.
An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Fav protection riku lemon one shot. You yelled waking up riku as you jumped out of his warm bed and started gathering your clothes. Stories for harry potter, tenchi muyo, gundam wing. Ac, fanfiction poetry, lord of the rings, digimon, anime x.